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You are eligible if:

  • You are able to provide verification of identity.

  • You are a resident of Lawrence County, PA

  • Your are able to provide proof of income,employment status or DD214 for veterans

  • You meet the income guidelines.

  • You have emergency circumstances, like recent unemployment, needing special considerations

Gross Income Limits:
Gross income refers to all of your earned income (like wages and salaries) and all unearned income (like public benefits and social security) before any taxes or deductions are taken out. In order to qualify for pet food assistance, your gross income needs to be below the amount in the following table.


Household Size                Maximum Gross Monthly Income             


      1                                    $2430                                    

            2                                    $3288                                   

            3                                    $4144                                  

            4                                    $5000                                    

            5                                    $5858                                    

            6                                    $6714                           



Contact us to get an application!

We have several food pick-up times available.

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